The ultimate purpose of RIPMAPP is to improve the quality of domestic rice and promote the distribution of the product via capacity building in rice post-harvest technology and marketing.


Program Objectives

A few of the Rice Post Harvest Processing & Marketing Promotion Program's objectives.

A stable supply of high-quality domestic parboiled rice will be established.

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In relation to price; domestic parboiled milled rice will compete with imported rice in Nigeria’s markets.

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The general increase in production of domestic rice in Nigeria.

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Download The Guidelines for RIPMAPP Technology Dissemination

False Bottom Rice Parboiling Technology

Benefits of the RIPMAPP False Bottom Technology Approach

Documentation & Materials

Extensive and detailed documentation on procedures, best practices and advantages as regards Improved parboiling technology (IPT) and Paddy Grading.

Improved Parboiling Technology | Materials


Paddy Grading | Materials


Project Stakeholders

The Rice Post-Harvest Processing & Marketing Pilot Project (RIPMAPP) is being executed by the Agribusiness and Marketing Department (ABM) of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).