A brief overview of the Project

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Agribusiness and Market Development Department (ABM) of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) implemented the Rice Post-Harvest Processing and Marketing Pilot Project (RIPMAPP) in Nasarawa and Niger states. The project started in September, 2011 and was completed in March 2016. This project focused on improving the quality of domestically produced rice through improvements in post-harvest processing such as parboiling, milling and marketing. The project has recorded a number of successes specifically the introduction of technologies for small-scale parboilers, millers and traders. The milled rice that has been produced by users of these technologies has shown marked improvement in terms of quality and profit.

Improved parboiling technology is one of the technologies developed in RIPMAPP, and it is being disseminated throughout the nation by JICA in collaboration with FMARD, Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs) and other organizations concerned. Based on accumulated knowledge and developed technologies in RIPMAPP, JICA with FMARD developed the paddy grading manuals after RIPMAPP was completed. The paddy grading manual is suitable for quality control officers of Integrated Rice Mills (IRMs), while the paddy quality checking manual is a simpler version, appropriate for rice farmers, extension agents, small scale rice millers and paddy buying agents. The manuals were designated as the standard grading method in the paddy grading standard which Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) drafted and published in October 2017.


Goal of the website To facilitate dissemination and adoption of improved parboiling technology and the paddy grading manuals among the rice value chain stakeholders.

Functions of this website

Information data baseExtension materials of the improved parboiling technology, paddy grading manuals, etc. are available on this website. Place for information exchange
  • Rice value chain stakeholders can post questions on the Bulletin Board System (BBS) of this website about the improved parboiling technology and paddy grading manuals, so that FMARD, ADPs and JICA can respond to the questions.
  • Extension agents, rice farmers, parboilers, rice millers, etc. can report activities and post opinions on BBS of this website related to the improved parboiling technology and paddy grading manuals.
  • Relevant stakeholders can learn from experiences of others for better application of the improved parboiling technology and paddy grading manuals.