General Questions

Primary difference is to use a false bottom. Some other parts of parboiling processes are also different from those of conventional method.

Whiter quality rice is obtained. Price of milled rice is increased by 10-20%. Drying time is shorter. Firewood for parboiling is saved.

Since price of false bottoms varies from one state to another, contact the ADP in your state to get this information. See list of fabricators here.

False bottoms can be fabricated by local fabricators in your location. Contact ADP in your state for more information. See list of fabricators here.

Durability of a false bottom varies depending on material. If it is made of aluminum or stainless steel, we expect that it can be used for minimum of two years. While if it is galvanized iron, it may last one year.

No. Assuming you parboil paddy and sell milled rice as much as 10,000NGN at once, sales can be increased to 12,000NGN if you employ the improved technology. In order to break even after buying a false bottom costing 10,000 NGN, you just produce five times. You can enjoy income increase from the 6th production.